The Original Snowflake Ruler Kit

I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember and folding and cutting paper has been in my life almost that long. In my teens I would stay with my Nana for 2 weeks in the summer. We would cut out Christmas cards with cuticle scissors and paste them into scrapbooks for the local children’s hospital. Those pine needles were fun to cut out! Sweet memories.

A while ago, I was in dire need of Christmas decorations. Our home was up for sale – a lot of stuff was in storage, but I had reams of paper and a pair of sharp scissors, so I got to work – more like – I got to FUN… Paper Snowflakes were all over the place! And I didn’t want to stop – it was too much fun – Valentines Day came along, then St. Paddy’s, then Spring (flowers, bugs, birds)… The design possibilities were – and still are – endless! But the folding was tedious and I couldn’t find easy, quick, or helpful folding instructions for a near perfect hexagon. After several prototypes, I designed a ruler to help me accurately fold paper for snowflakes quickly and easily! Later I realized that other Moms and educators, creatives, cut paper artists/anyone who wants to make a lot of snowflakes or create graphic designs within a hexagon or a circle shape could benefit from my ruler – SO

The Original Snowflake Ruler was born! My first box of rulers was manufactured by the same company that makes Omnigrid rulers! Pretty exciting stuff! And – Recently I have put together 3 different DIY Kits with printed templates to fold with the ruler and cut with scissors! Check them out at

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